The Educational and Recreational Club ?OUT? was created in the framework of the European Programme ERASMUS+ KA2 named ?ROUTE? (Reinventing the Outdoors for Education) as an Environmental Education Programme.

The aims of the Club are as follows:

  • To reinstate students? contact with nature
  • To enhance students? fitness level
  • To offer students knowledge and information about nature and a variety of ecosystems
  • To link subjects such as biology and geology with field work
  • To have fun outdoors

The programme is coordinated by the Director of Ralleio Lykeio, Mr Dimitris Kalaitzidis, PhD in Environmental Studies and Geography, with the participation of the following Ralleio teachers: Ms Katerina Christodoulou, Dr Penelope Kapelari, Ms Kalliope Bechraki, Ms Anastasia Keskesiadou,BA, Mr Nikos Panagiotopoulos, Ms Rea Kolentzou, Mr Yiorgos Katopodis and Mr Stavros Drosakis.

We would like to thank the Parents? Association of Ralleio Lykeio for their indispensable cooperation in the programme.

31/1/2016: Club OUT ventures to Kalavryta ski center

30-11-2015 Club ?OUT?: Educational trip to the centre of environmental education in Amfissa

22-11-2015 Club ?OUT?: Horseriding/Malakasa

18-01-2015 Club ?OUT?? ventures to Dekeleia/Tatoi

21-12-2014: Club ?OUT?? ventures to the volcanic terrain of Methana

16-11-2014: Club ?OUT?? ventures to Lake Vouliagmeni.